Nuclear power worth considering


JOHN Cooney’s support for nuclear power raises the need to conduct a rational discussion about this power source.

To dismiss it out of hand is foolishness.

Modern designs of nuclear reactors are very safe.

Business South Australia is pushing for us to build a PRISM reactor in South Australia.

This uses spent fuel rods and plutonium to generate power, in the process reducing the life of the material to some hundreds of years instead of the thousands of years of the original material.

Before we are treated to the “What about Fukushima?” cries, let me point out that our country does not have fault lines and has vast inland areas well away from major population centres.

It would be logical to build our first nuclear plant at the Olympic Dam mine.

The waste repository could then be built in the exhausted mine areas.

If we co-located a PRISM station with the main station to proceed the spent fuel, there would be no need to transport the uranium more than a few kilometres.

Going nuclear would give us two strings to our bow because we should also build large solar plants, as discussed in my letter (Gippsland Times 28/10).

Both these systems would be our major tools in moving to the low carbon economy we need to reduce green house gases and the resulting climate destruction.