Climate was changing 121 years ago


WHILE researching today, in a copy of the Gippsland Times dated November 17, 1874, I perused an article under the heading “Rosedale” (from our own correspondent), which included the following:

“The extreme variableness of the weather during the past week has been a prolific source of colds and coughs.

“With the thermometers ranging from 50 to 90 degrees during the period of a single day, anything else would have been an exception to the course of nature.

“It is a matter of remark with many old residents that the climate of Gippsland is undergoing a graduate but certain change, and that the years of drought and bush fires are likely to be memories of the past.”

I consider all this ballyhoo about climate change ridiculous.

I am not a sceptic; I have my own opinion.

The earth has been through two ice ages.

The most annoying part about climate change is the scientists’ huge salaries for making such huge predictions.