Seaspray glad of a reprieve … for now


MY family and friends in Seaspray are pleased to hear that Lakes Oil appears to be leaving us alone, for the time being.

It is shifting its focus to Western Victoria, as claimed by Rob Annells in the Herald Sun on February 14.

However, that is just not enough for us.

We will not celebrate until there is a permanent ban on onshore gas mining in Victoria.

We have little faith in anything Lakes Oil says.

We feel as if we have been dragged away from our lives, our businesses, our work and our families.

Our health has suffered; we believe the value of our farming and residential properties has been affected, and our beautiful coastal area is dotted with wells and produce ponds in a disgraceful state of disrepair.

We are angry.

We are not ignorant or ill informed we are a powerful little community which has achieved amazing things in the past few years.

In recent weeks a glossy promotional brochure has been widely distributed in mailboxes throughout our community.

We are unsure exactly the motives behind recent activities but remain sceptical and committed to continue our campaign against onshore gas mining in our beautiful coastal community.