Praise for pup breeding facility article


KUDOS to Gippsland Times journalist Josh Hanrahan for his objective, fact-based expose on the effects of draconian dog breeding regulations proposed by Victoria’s new Premier, Dan Andrews.

How refreshing to read an article that does not contain the sweeping claims and emotive wording adopted by too many journalists who simply copy the language used by animal activists.

Like many locals, I have bought pups from the Hams’ facility for my children and can attest to the absolute professionalism of the Banksia Park establishment.

Laws introduced only last year by the Coalition government, after a long consultative process, raised the standards dramatically for dog breeding businesses.

The Hams family had no trouble meeting the new standards.

Those new standards put the onus for the policing of dog breeding facilities firmly onto local shire councils.

If the animal activists are not happy, they should be targeting the councils, not advocating ridiculous new laws that will see people put out of work, facilities such as Banksia Park out of business and the supply of well-conditioned and properly bred dogs dried up and the industry forced underground.

The Hams family has always had an open door policy.

I strongly suggest that locals take the opportunity to see for themselves and visit Banksia Park.

The animal activists push for these draconian new dog breeding laws is devoid of common sense and the new state government should be ashamed of pandering to such extremist groups.