Think about the services we want and need


AS we debate changes to the tax system (for example, lifting the GST), we need to focus on the disconnect between the daily local radio caller litany of “we want government to do more for us” and the typical personal view of “I don’t want to pay more tax”.

Face it folks, if you want more services, you need to accept that you need to pay more in taxes.

Fairness dictates that the burden falls more on those able to pay.

That includes self-funded retirees (like me) who consume public services but pay no tax, irrespective of their super fund balance.

It also includes those who negatively gear houses without adding to new stock and also denying our children a chance to own their own home.

Conservatives will try to persuade you that lower taxes means everybody will be better off, but there is little correlation between lower taxes and higher growth.

Google ‘governomics’ for more detail on this fallacy.

So, please think intelligently about the society we want and the price we need to pay for it.

Then tell your politicians to do the same.