Pedestrian crossing in Maffra ‘unsafe’


THE Wellington Shire councillors are to be congratulated for engaging community attendees at official public meetings.

This was demonstrated at the first meeting for this year.

Issues that affect ratepayers can be personally presented; this links community and council with a shared understanding.

The factual and existing dangers of the Maffra pedestrian crossing which can be easily removed by council action under the Local Government Act was recognised.

These dynamics predictably will lead to either a serious accident or fatality if not resolved.

All pedestrian crossings with a 60kmh approach speed absolutely require clear visibility for pedestrians and drivers.

Three parking places in front of the structure which adjoin the crossing block out any visibility of pedestrians approaching the crossing or any view of approaching traffic when vehicles are parked on this edge of the crossing.

As there are more than 520 parking places in the shopping area, removal of these causes no public inconvenience.

The reduced hedge of both sides of the structures adjoining the crossing basically block out the sighting of pedestrians including children, mothers with prams or motorised scooters.

Modification or removal of these on the side of approaching traffic is a simple rectification.

Thank you to the mayor, as chairman, for providing a receptive and fair environment and also to the chief executive who will be in contact with a representative committee in Maffra following this presentation.