Night flying disturbs sleep in Sale


Last Monday night, I was kept totally awake by the disturbing and overpowering noise of low flying small planes, about three of them circling and revving over Sale’s CBD.

They were right above where I live off Raglan St.

It was shocking, and all after 10.30pm late at night.

On and on and over and over they returned and swooped and circled and revved till midnight.

How inconsiderate and self centred is that to people trying to sleep before work tomorrow?

Who regulates these times they practice over the CBD, and why on earth over Sale CBD when there are hundreds and hundreds of acres around Sale where they would not disturb people?

I just bought my home here nearly two months ago and the real estate agent told me the air force planes mainly go to the east of Sale so noise will not be a problem.

This was a problem to the peace of residents in Sale.

I for one will be shifting and selling up and spreading the word why I am selling if this is going to be a regular thing.

It is completely inconsiderate to residents of Sale entitled to peace and quiet late at night.

If we are going to be at the mercy of this noise, then I will be leaving Sale for a more peaceful life.