Census chaos


I WAS one of the lucky ones to whom a paper copy of the census form was delivered for Tuesday night.

After hearing of some of the problems the outage has caused, I certainly consider myself one of the more fortunate.

A dear friend passed away and relatives came from America and United Kingdom as well as interstate to attend the funeral.

Another friend, out of kindness, agreed to accommodate some of the relatives, most of whom he hardly knew.

Although not really computer literate, he, at the urging of his visitors who were departing next day, made the unfortunate decision to use the online form for census night.

That decision turned into an absolute fiasco. It was impossible as we all know, and he now finds himself responsible for gathering information from far and wide, personal details from people he hardly knows.

He tried to obtain a form next morning but that proved impossible.

Then he called me asking if he could have mine but that was already too late as it was completed.

Forgive me Mr Turnbull, but what happened to your promised dotting the Is, crossing the Ts and allowing for the “what ifs”?

Would it be expecting too much of our Prime Minister to suppose he would have had a back-up plan in place for such an emergency?