Puppy farm attitudes irrational


I WOULD hope the emotive and irrational rant from the minister (‘Gone to the dogs’) should be enough to show her bias.

She is doing nothing about stopping the breeding of family unsuitable dogs filling pounds and expecting families to take on completely incompatible dogs.

Designer breeds have been bred with families in mind, to reduce dumpage. And it has worked.

Regulation and licensing has made a huge difference to breeding facilities, and you can be assured if your pup is from a registered breeding facility they’re receiving quality care.

Pups purchased privately may or may not be cared for diligently. And you do not have the guarantees and peace of mind you get when purchasing from a registered breeder or pet store, at a known address.

The arguments this minister gives are untrue.

It’s her department that has set the rules and enforces them.

The rules are extensive and if it’s enforcement that is a problem then her own department needs a serious audit.

Knee jerk reactions by governments are becoming all too common.

The responses here by Banksia Park are measured, accurate and informed.

They leave the minister’s response as the extreme unbalanced view of an animal activist.