Women’s Minister perpetuates inequality


FIONA Richardson recently visited Sale in her role as Minister for Women, she proclaimed that gender equality is non-negotiable.

Yet the Victorian government refused to contribute to a memorial to be erected in Gippsland to recognise the past illegal abuse of the most marginalised, maligned and abused unwed mothers of late 1950s until the mid 1970s.

Their truth validated, acknowledged through national and Victorian parliamentary apologies.

This memorial is being largely financed by the Commonwealth Coalition government.

The Victorian government has stated categorically that they will not offer any financial support for this memorial to women and Minister Richardson has never publicly supported these women but states gender equality is non-negotiable.

The now Labor Premier of Victoria in his apology to women on October 25, 2012 stated “we gather today to recognise the anguish we administered and to honour the thousands of women whose lives we devastated.”

“We failed (them) when elected representatives of this state allowed this systemic tragedy to unfurl and thought nil of those it affected, when they thought nil of the practices they enabled or their obligation to end it”.

Minister Richardson and Victorian Labor Party continue their systemic inequality of women practices.