School gender politics a‘nonsense’


IT has been reported that Catholic schools in the United Kingdom can no longer include “mother” or “father” on a child’s admission form, as this is seen to discriminate against a small minority that can’t or won’t identify as mothers or fathers (even though their current form had scope to identify as a parent — other than a mother or father).

So, hundreds of thousands of mothers and fathers — more than 97 per cent of the population of enrolling parents, who are proud to identify as mothers and fathers of their children — cannot, through no fault of their own, identify as such because a small minority cannot or will not.

This is heterophobia.

A ‘liberal elite’, with the support of the ‘church of the media and the arts’, is promoting across Western countries a gender politics aimed at blurring, and doing away with, notions of man, woman, boy, girl and mother and father.

Many great civilisations of the past have left some great memorials and monuments.

Our Western civilisation is leaving this nonsense.