Barriers creating other road dangers


I WROTE to Roads Minister Luke Donnellan to raise a road safety issue that has been created in our district as a result of the installation of Armco guard rails on the Sale-Maffra Rd.

We now have several road intersections and some private driveways where the visibility for vehicles wanting to enter the main road is greatly reduced.

I have raised this issue with VicRoads, and it has told me that it is all built to the standard.

The standard states that when I am four metres back from the fog line I should have adequate visibility up the road for oncoming traffic.

What are the implications of this?

What I have noticed is that to get a clear view up the road I have to get my vehicle much further out on to the main road to get a clear view.

I do not like that, so I got the tape measure out. The distance from the driver’s seat in my ute (a Ford Ranger) to the front of it is 2.3 metres.

That means that the front of my ute is only 1.3 metres away from traffic passing me at 100 kilometres per hour.

I feel quite uncomfortable at that distance.

As an example, at the driveway of the Bundalaguah Hall, you are sitting on gravel and facing uphill to get onto the main road.

This will lead to a lot more spinning of wheels and people having to accelerate much more quickly to enter the main road. This is dangerous for people entering the road.

We often have 100 vehicles or more at the hall for music events.

In short, the four metre standard is not good enough.

It needs to be more and, in my opinion, it will vary at different intersections.

Our local community is unhappy with what has been done.

The project is seen as an obscene waste of money when there are roads and bridges in bad repair right across country Victoria.

This is where the money should have been spent.

I hope the minister will instruct VicRoads to investigate these concerns and remove sections of guard rail, or set them back further from the road so that the visibility for vehicles entering the main road is improved.