Maffra resident unhappy with pool hours


I SUPPORT the many Wellington Shire residents who are puzzled and upset at the operating hours of the council-operated outdoor pools.

Surely our elected shire councillors are not so out of touch that they think it is acceptable to have restricted operating hours during the four warmest months of the year?

Has any thought been given to the young families and retirees of the district?

If pools were open longer, there would be far more patronage and support.

Is staffing an issue?

The staff over summer have been fantastic and some have now gone back to university.

This gap would surely allow for more local people to be trained as lifeguards.

By limiting operating hours, it would be placing an inconvenience for people to travel to the Sale indoor facility or encourage people to swim in local waterways, which are not always safe.

Wellington Shire Council has publicly announced a budget surplus.

Maybe some of this money can be used to assist in providing better facilities for residents of the shire.

It is time the residents put pressure of the council for change.