No need to live up to election promises

Bob Hammill, Toorbul, Queensland


WITH the impending elections it’s interesting to watch the announcements of candidates.

The major parties generally practice some restraint because there’s a chance they’ll need to deliver or face accusations that once again they misled the electorate.

The Greens and independent candidates realise they have no capacity to guarantee anything. Unless they hold the balance of power, they’ll only get what the party in power wants to give them no matter how persuasive and determined they present proposals.

So far we’ve seen a flurry of commitments from the independents — more jobs, medical cannabis and hemp production, more buses, more infrastructure, double farm subsidies and the like.

If hollow promises win votes, I can see why an independent would push the envelope. There’s nothing to lose.

Have something for everyone — home support for housewives, free milk in every school, public flogging in the footy half time breaks …