Gender equity report misses variables

Henry Scholtes, Maffra


JOHN Gwyther, in his response to my earlier letter regarding the myth of a gender based pay gap, references the Gender Equity Insights Report 2018.

The methodology of the gathering of information for this report, while including a range of fields (such as the nature of employment, fields of employment and level of organisational management), completely precluded the study of any of the myriad of actual variables that impact on an individual’s remuneration.

It does not look at, for instance, skill levels, years of service, preferred career pathways, preferred modes of employment or equity of opportunity for advancement, to name but a few.

It is, in essence, a single variable analysis and, as such has very little scientific or research value.

It’s “like for like” comparisons are within a much cocooned framework.

I would reiterate, we have federal and state legal frameworks to check all and any forms of discrimination or unequal opportunity in the workplace.

While the report can confirm that there are pay differences in some areas of employment between men and woman (and sometimes in favour of woman), it absolutely cannot identify gender as the causal factor — and especially not so when it has failed to consider other major impacts on women, and men, in their career paths.

The gender pay gap as articulated by some interest groups in our society is nonsense.