Representation of women in sport

Gavin Roberts, Stratford


WHEN in a Melbourne café recently I picked up a Herald Sun paper to find information on the recent Matildas v USA football game in the lead up to the world cup.

Starting at the back sport page, I turned an unbelievable 22 pages before I saw an image or editorial of a female playing sport.

I was so shocked that I went back and re-counted.

Nothing on the Matildas who are currently sixth in the world, and just won the Tournament of Nations.

I would like to commend the Gippsland Times as I have been very curious as to whether our media has the same culture.

Apparently not.

The April 2 issue had a higher representation of females than males across a broad range of sport, and the April 9 paper not only had a fairly even spread of the genders, but also a front page of girls learning tennis at Briag.

First time letter for me but well worth the mention.

Well done Gippy Times.