Rose bush swiped while resident is ill

Frances Matthews, Sale


I HAVE been a resident of Sale off and on for perhaps 50 years, so know Sale from long ago when everyone knew each other, or had heard of one another.

Recently, I had to have a serious operation in Melbourne and it was imperative that I stay there for recuperation.

A dear friend of mine looked after my garden while I was away.

One of those days I received a phone call to say that my letter box had been stolen.

Some days later it was found at another house on my street.

Obviously some drunken hooligans walking home after a boisterous party were the thieves, as it was a Saturday night.

Upon finally coming home to see what a wonderful job my friend had done, I noticed a rose that I had planted two weeks before I left in my front garden had been dug up and removed.

What sort of obnoxious, repugnant person would do something as low as that?

Is is distressing to think that we cannot trust people to do the right thing in and on our streets.

What is happening to this lovely city of Sale?

I am sure that I am not the only one who has had to put up with this type of petty crime.

As well, some four years ago I was robbed of my most precious things that had belonged to my mother and grandmother, and the lousy culprit was never found.

Do we need more police in Sale to alleviate these problems?

What is the answer?