Remembering Bishop John McIntyre

Fr Peter Macleod-Miller, St Matthew's, Albury


BISHOP John McIntyre still holds a strong light to injustice, five years after his death.

The most inspiring voices in the Anglican communion continue to challenge the prevailing shift toward discrimination and prejudice, and we can thank the Anglicans of Gippsland for recognising the unique prophetic qualities that made ‘Johnny Mac’ an enduring gift to the church and community.

His death on June 6, 2014, continues to be felt each time faith-based discrimination is reported, without the brave dissenting view of Australia’s most down-to-earth religious leader.

John McIntyre almost alone stood up to the bullying and fence-sitting that attempted to legitimise prejudice on the basis of religious prerogative.

Every time faith-based discrimination is challenged, we honour the memory of Johnny Mac, who set the bar high for spiritual couage in the face of institutional failure.