More focus needed on being fit and healthy

James Khalid, Maffra


WHY have we decided that some interventions such as hand washing etc, are campaign-worthy and not others, such as lifestyle changes that actively improve health?

With no medical intervention for COVID -19 it has caused society to essentially stop.

Allowing for the time to ask questions such as why only now have we decided that masks, sanitation, and social distancing is effective in combatting viruses?

Why have we not previously implemented these strategies to mitigate and lessen the impact of the flu season and save more lives?

We put too much faith in the medical community and not enough in the health, wellness and fitness industry that is designed to prevent disease and illness.

Since when has the cure become better than the prevention? When we became lazy.

No-one wants to eat healthy, exercise and lose weight to reduce blood pressure because a pill can do that.

Without the benefit of a vaccination or medical cure for something, we have finally realised how detrimental our modern, comfortable lives are to not only our immune systems but to our overall health.

Yet, we are still not willing to wake up and work to improve our individual health because we can wait (in lockdown) for a simple vaccination.

Why can’t we campaign to improve our health through interventions to transition back into pre-pandemic society?

Why do we have to wait for a vaccination?