Stratford and Yarram petitions

David Braithwaite

WELLINGTON Shire Council is considering issues in Stratford and Yarram raised in petitions.

A petition asking council to build a footpath along Briagolong Rd, Stratford, between Llowalong and Avonlea Estate Rds, and erect a bus shelter at the intersection of Avonlea Estate and Briagolong Rds, had 24 signatures.

The petitioners asked council to consider the safety of children living in the area.

“It would be beneficial to have a safe path for the families to walk/ride to the Stratford primary schools and the town retail outlets,” the petition stated.

“There are a number of families within the estate that also have secondary age children who catch a bus from the corner of Avonlea Estate Rd and Stratford-Briagolong Rd into the shire’s secondary schools in Sale and with no current shelter or bike racks at the end of the road the children have nowhere to secure their bikes or shelter from the elements whilst waiting for the bus.”

A Stratford business has already offered to provide the materials and associated engineering requirements to build the bus shelter and bike racks.

Another petition, with 23 signatures, is asking council to extend Yarram’s waste collection boundary to include 20 properties along Buckleys Island and Parrots Rds.

“We note a commitment for council to consider an extension of the garbage district as part of the new garbage collection contract due in 2022, however, we would prefer that the garbage district to please be extended and in place for Buckleys Island Rd effective as at July 1, 2021,” the residents stated on the petition.

Council will provide formal responses to both petitions next month.