Duck hunting season should be replaced by feral cat hunting

Trevor Tucker, Sale


MANY Australian native ducks form life-long pairs.

When one is shot, the other may never recover.

To me, that’s unacceptable. Yet, outdated laws allow (even promote) treating our native ducks as if they are feral creatures.

With our native ducks suffering long term decline it can’t be that difficult to abandon “Victoria’s annual duck murdering season” – after all, “recreational” duck shooting is already banned in the Australia Capital Territory, Queensland, Western Australia and New South Wales.

For disenchanted game hunting enthusiasts, I suggest there’s a really worthwhile replacement activity; that is, an annual eight week blitz targeting feral cats for which of course successful shooters should receive a meaningful bounty.

I am firmly of the belief that the control and eradication of feral cats (which are causing an alarming Australia wide decline of our indigenous mammals and birds), far exceeds the benefit of any misguided belief that it’s somehow okay to annually slaughter a species of our endangered native bird life.