Greens name Gippsland South candidate

THE Greens have announced Ian Onley as their candidate for Gippsland South.

The former Wellington Shire councillor and local farmer is emphatic the Greens have a future in Gippsland.

“As a tradesman and farmer I see that a Victorian government led by the Greens could revitalise manufacturing through innovation in clean renewable energy and efficient technology,” Mr Onley stated in his press release.

“With the right mix of legislation, research and development we could export high tech products, stop waste and bring meaning to our education system,” he said.

Mr Onley said the push to export Victorian coal and coal seam gas must end at this election.

“It would be disastrous, economically, environmentally and socially and represents a lack of wisdom or vision.

“My aim is to foster a greater understanding of the Greens.

“Gippsland has a much brighter and more prosperous future with our policies, for example, making existing industries more sustainable and transitioning smoothly from sectors losing viability to new productive ones.”

Mr Onley said the Greens did not want, as their political opponents have often claimed, to lock everything up.

“We do not want to close down the timber industry, we want to give it a future. Supply shortages are due to poor management of the Regional Forestry Agreement.

“I want to help agriculture make the most of niche markets that exist and grow new ones, giving farmers greater opportunity by re-expanding competition. I want to help farmers gain access to ‘no upfront cost’ solar power installations to protect them from costs of carbon emissions in the future at little or no cost to taxpayers.”

Mr Onley said he wanted to bring life back to the education system and restore a healthy TAFE system.

“The dispersed nature of rural communities means there are elevated needs around bushfire, roads, transport and inclusion that need to be addressed.”

Mr Onley stressed the Greens was the one political party that was completely open about its financial backers.

“The Greens owe no favours.

“The Greens have the kind of policy for financial support that ought to be the standard: all our donations are made public.

“We owe no favours and are able to make decisions based only upon what is good for Victoria and Victorians,” he said.

“There is no area where this is more important than in the preservation of farmland and the protection of our precious water resources: we can’t continue to compromise these in favour of corporate profits.”