Treated wastewater spills near Rosedale

THE Environment Protection Victoria has launched an investigation into a significant spill of treated wastewater near Rosedale on Friday.

It is estimated that between five and 10 megalitres of treated wastewater was spilled south of Rosedale near Willung Rd after a break in Gippsland Water’s Regional Outfall System pipeline.

The EPA was notified of the spill by Gippsland Water and EPA officers visited the site to oversee cleanup efforts and begin their investigation.

Gippsland Water isolated the pipeline on Friday, and worked to stop and contain the spill and begin a cleanup. 

Traffic management measures were also put in place, and these will continue during the next three to five days.

Gippsland Water general manager for operations Peter Skeels said the pipeline was repaired by 7pm Sunday, and tankers had been pumping up the treated wastewater putting it back into the pipeline.

He said the quality of the treated water was “very high”,  none had made its way into local waterways and Gippsland Water had been speaking with the six affected landholders.

The treated wastewater had come from the Gippsland Water Factory which treats wastewater from a number of Latrobe Valley communities, as well as the Maryvale Mill.

Customers’ water and wastewater services were not affected by the spill, and Mr Skeels said an investigation would be undertaken into why the pipleline failed.