Walk to school this Friday

WELLINGTON Shire Council is encouraging parents and carers across Wellington to use safe, active travel when taking their children to school this Friday.

This Friday is Walk Safely to School Day, an opportunity for parents and carers of primary school children to promote safe pedestrian behaviour.

Walk Safely to School Day reminds parents and carers to supervise children under 10 years in all road environments and to teach them how to walk to school safely.

Wellington Shire mayor Darren McCubbin said there were significant physical, mental and social health benefits for children who regularly walked to school.

“Walk Safely to School Day is a great opportunity for children to learn road-crossing skills and it is also a good starting point for children and parents or carers to become less dependent on their cars,” he said.

Each weekday, Wellington Shire Council’s school crossing supervisors patrol 21 school crossings across the shire in all weather conditions.

“Crossing supervisors patrol roads near schools in a bid to encourage children to walk to school, and to keep them safe,” Cr McCubbin said.

“Why not use this Walk Safely to School Day as an opportunity to map out a safe route to school from your home, using school crossings?

“Or, if you live too far away from school for your children to walk, park the car further away so you can guide your children safely across the road, teaching them while you go.”