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Concerns over sands mine and wildlife

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | As someone who lives within the community, I have concerns about the state of our native wildlife and their fragile environment within the proposed Fingerboards mineral sands mine site.

Visitors are seeking nature-based tourism

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Our new economy can't be the same as the old.

Angus McMillan and the ‘invention of history’

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | With the current council elections, it is an appropriate time to revisit the issue of the McMillan cairns.

Parks and Crown Land Amendment Bill

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Land Amendment Bill', now before the Victorian upper house of parliament, almost defies belief that a party like the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers, are supporting it.

Carefully consider your vote these elections

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | No more than now are local government elections more important.

Continuing concerns over farm rate hikes

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Farmers are opening their rates notices and some massive increases are generating despair, shock and anger.

Checking in with friends and family

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | National RUOK day, is a reminder to "1. Ask 2. Listen 3. Encourage action 4. Check-in" with each other.

More focus needed on being fit and healthy

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Why have we decided that some interventions such as hand washing etc, are campaign-worthy and not others, such as lifestyle changes that actively improve health?

The reasons behind Maffra’s successes

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Congratulations on Liam Durkin's article on Maffra and its sporting character and sports facilities.

Royal Commission into suicides is sought

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | We need a full and open Royal Commission into the deaths of so many of our best and bravest.

Praise for library and gallery facilities

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Amidst challenging times, I would like to share a place of positivity - that being the astonishing $14.53 million space that is the Port of Sale Wellington Centre.

Is Dan the Gippy Times’ ‘favourite uncle’?

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Reading a recent Tuesday issue, I was shaking my head, after reading the front page article.

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