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Kevin would be proud

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | The Hogan family should be so proud from the youngest grandchild to the oldest family member.

Labor ignores sense with forestry decision

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | It seems that the Victorian government is impervious to the realities of appealing to grassroots voters.

Fight for Sydney to Melbourne bike path

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Full support must be given to Mr Norbert Fuessel in bringing the long waited Sale-Maffra Rd off-road bike path to fruition.

The elephant in the room is population

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Why do politicians around the world go out of their way to deflect the masses from the real cause of climate change - the world's out-of-control population?

We are not on track to meet emissions target

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Quesion for Gippsland MHR, Darren Chester regarding carbon emissions.

Disappointed views were not properly aired

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | I was disappointed the ABC did not play more of my interview on its news covering the mining protests.

Sale’s Desailly St oak trees should stay

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | I read with incredulous the desire of some residents to have these beautiful, valuable oak trees removed because of what all trees do naturally, which is drop leaves.

Opportunities are being lost in the regions

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | The city is getting bigger, and our communities are getting smaller.

Trees have a place in people’s hearts

Seaspray Ratepayers' Association would like to see the beachside town's iconic trees preserved for as long as possible, after local calls to see them felled following safety concerns.

Population growth our biggest challenge

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Whether we like it or not, global warming is not our world's greatest challenge.

Activists, farmers need to communicate

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Confrontation between producers and animal rights activists is becoming more tense and more divisive.

Tailings dam failures cause for concern

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Is the community prepared to trust the integrity of the tailing dam proposed in the Fingerboards Mineral Sand Mine?

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