Opposition to Stevens St development


PEOPLE travel to many places like Kakadu or even Africa to get photos like this (above).

Now our council is considering removing this magnificent view from the general public.

If building is permitted on the south side of Stevens St, not only will views be affected, but probably the birdlife and fauna too.

Council boasts of its environmental credentials and promotes the Sale wetlands as a tourist attraction.

The outlook and accessibility from Stevens St connects the wetlands, providing safe recreational viewing for walkers, bike riders and all members of the community to pause and enjoy.

Council claims views and the environment will be protected by planning constraints placed on developers.

If 74 Stevens St is an example of how the aspect is to be protected, I fear the worst.

Councillor Scott Rossetti states the area was identified for potential residential growth.

True, to a point, these nominated (permits to build) areas have already been occupied and the remaining land designated farmland.

This farmland (wetland) already suffers degradation from salinity so why impose more pressure with possible land slippage and pollution if building is allowed?

We have many areas of space allocated for building around Sale, therefore why even consider this vandalism?

Sale has no night curfew restrictions on family pets.

What havoc will be caused to the birdlife if more housing is permitted adjacent to this wetland?

I’ve yet to meet a cat or dog reluctant to kill our native fauna.

The current owners bought this land knowing full well the constraints applied at the time.

Money should not always be the controlling factor.

Quality of life is paramount.

If this application is approved, it could set a precedent for the remainder of Stevens St, and other wetland outlooks around Sale, Stratford, Maffra, Heyfield and so on.

I ask of concerned citizens to express disappointment and objection in a democratic way by lobbying councillors, demanding that this subdivision application be rejected.