ABC cuts to hurt the whole community


I am writing this as an open letter to our elected representatives state and federal, especially our federal member Mr Chester.

As a very concerned avid listener and viewer of our ABC, I with many hundreds of others turned out to the save our ABC campaign in Fed Square on Sunday September 23 where we listened to various speakers passionately advocating against the proposed cuts.

I was pleasantly surprised and gladdened by the demographics that were represented,all from the generations from WW2, the Boomers, the Xs,Ys and Millenials and anybody in between.

So to suggest this was a lefty conspiracy and gathering of fellow travellers is quite disingenuous and wide of the mark.

All were there with one purpose and that was to voice and show their concern against the emasculation of the ABC.

As you Mr Chester and our state politicians are not averse to using the ABC, where do you stand on this issue? And please spare us the now exhausted and I believe spurious claim “budget emergency” as that has lost any currency and I do now note that “efficiency dividend” are the new weasel words.

Where o’ where do politicians come up with that dead language ?

Why is it the ABC is always under attack by politicians, you of all people should know that your hero John Howard ordered a review into the ABC whereupon it was found to be both chronically under-funded and efficient.

The ABC provides a vast and huge service in the regions especially in times of disasters where they come to the fore, witness the floods and fire coverage and give important up to date information as these disasters happen.

I clearly remember our local ABC reporters in the thick of these events.

This 24 hour reporting is not provided as far as I am aware by any of the commercial stations and if so usually at 10,000 feet and only on the news in the evening.

After all Mr Chester, it is our ABC and worth defending: there is one thing that politicians conveniently and constantly overlook, you work for us, we do not work for you.