Call to make Gippsland South marginal


VOTERS in Gippsland South have a golden opportunity to make Gippsland important to politicians.

A safe seat can be ignored as both sides assume we will never change our voting intentions, so it won’t matter what they do to us.

This election is special because the Coalition vote may be split between Liberal and National and the less conservative vote is split between angry ALP voters with no candidate to vote for, Greens and independents.

If the combined conservative vote (damaged by instability in the Federal Coalition) yields less than 50 per cent of the vote, it is technically possible for the Green, Independent or Liberal Democrat candidates to pick up enough preferences to get ahead.

While such an outcome is unlikely, it is still possible.

Electing someone outside the major parties, sends a strong message to Spring Street that neither side can ever take Gippsland for granted again.

Opinion polling evidently shows problems for the Nationals or they would not have come out and attempted to win back the anti-CSG vote.

Giving farmers the right of veto is really only tokenism, since the Nationals are never in a position to over rule the Liberals in a Coalition government, and it still allows neighbours to allow miners to come drilling next door and burrowing under boundary fences.

It also dumps the painful decisions on the individual, rather than making the governing parties show the courage to stand up to the industry mates, who ply them with funds in return for favours.

The health of our people, our communities and our environment present and future, depends on brave, inter-generational decision making from government, not spin-doctored vote winners of no substance.

If we are really thoughtful, we can vote to make politicians take notice.

If we put the major parties last we can get a new local member who works for us and doesn’t have to vote along party lines.

Let’s make Gippsland marginal and we will all reap the benefits.