Climate change evidence is overwhelming


DON Macreadie, in his letter to the editor headed ‘Climate was changing 121 years ago’ is certainly entitled to his own opinion, but isolated anecdotes prove or disprove nothing and he offers little to support his case that climate change is ballyhoo.

Yes, climates have changed over time, but what ought to worry everyone, him included, is the contemporary projected trends (and outcomes) and the apparent primary cause of it, our carbon and methane emissions.

If he wants to dismiss the vast weight of scientific analysis from thousands of experts in the field, so be it, but I know who I would trust to be closer to having got it right.

Science is not perfect and scientific predictions can never be perfect, but they are a much better base on which to take actions against a strongly indicated threat than the sort of unsupported ramblings he offers up.

His apparent ignorance of and antipathy towards things scientific extends to scientist’s salaries, none of which could be classed as huge in comparison to just about any other profession.

Strange how people are prepared to unconditionally accept the outcomes from and daily benefits of science across fields such as medicine, technology, communications and agriculture, but feel free to dismiss climate science.