Does candidate understand the issues?


It is interesting having a councillor now running for state government wanting to advocate to “ensure people making the decisions, the people putting the plans in front of the parliament understand the needs and what’s going on”.

I’m a bit confused here because I’m not sure that Mr (Scott) Rossetti actually knows what the issues are.

I am a Wellington Shire ratepayer and right now I am hit with the double whammy of having my rates be the public purse to repair dropping pipes, infrastructure (roads) and the like caused by subsidence movement from decades of offshore oil, gas and groundwater extraction, whilst my state taxes are doing more of the same.

Yet, Mr Rossetti supports more offshore oil and gas extraction knowing full well under his council and mayoral roles that the coastal land has subsided and our aquifers are depleted.

And as for having to prove the risks from onshore gas extraction, that is insulting.

Removing more of a mass volume be it oil, gas and groundwater, whether onshore or offshore, destines my rates and taxes to continually repair, remediate and replace when all I want them to do is support good governance to the benefit of the whole Gippsland community.

Only by being transparent with the real issues can our state government representatives ensure that planning for the future can be effective.

To not acknowledge subsidence impacts is a voice that we do not want to hear.