The Nationals should look at their record


IT’S all well and good that Nationals candidate for Gippsland South Danny O’Brien is calling for the Andrews government to invest more in local roads, however the Liberal-National coalition had four years to fix our roads, yet did nothing until there was an election around the corner.

The fact is that the record of the Liberals and Nationals in government when it comes to Gippsland is nothing short of abysmal.

The previous government not only failed to adequately invest in our roads, but also stood by while our rail network deteriorated.

When trains were suspended east of Traralgon for seven months in 2013, they dithered and delayed in finding a fix for the problem.

I suggest that before making demands of a government that has only been in office for three months and has yet to bring down its first budget, Danny O’Brien and the Nationals should look at their own record in government, even if they don’t like what they see.