Mother’s response to rodeo letter


MY son and daughter both ride rodeo and have my full support.

It is not a sport I would have chosen for them, but one that they chose for themselves.

Before they started competing they had to have a certain level of fitness and strength and they both work hard to make sure they are strong enough to ride.

They both wear full safety gear and have been taught how to fall and roll away from the beast.

They train regularly as you must with any sport that you are serious about.

As a mother I am proud of what they do and am fully aware that accidents can happen.

It was my daughter who came off at Sale Rodeo and no, she is not 12 but 16 (‘Unhappy with Sale rodeo event’).

She is a young adult and mature enough to make this choice.

I’m so glad that she chose a sporting activity, unlike many children today.

It was an unlucky fall off a pony (not a steer) at Sale, but although carried off from the arena she was completely recovered within an hour no concussion, no breaks.

And as for replaying it on the big screen, this was not an option. At that stage none of us knew whether she was seriously hurt or not.

She has just returned from Chiltern rodeo where she placed first in the pony bareback and third in the steer ride back doing what she loves to do most.

At the end of the day I am more concerned about her getting her driver’s licence and driving on the poorly maintained South Gippsland Highway where there is a far greater chance that she may have an accident.

I can only hope Laura will avoid rodeos at all cost and perhaps attend a tamer sport.