Onshore mining is not just a farmers’ issue


ONSHORE mining isn’t just about farmers and protecting farmland.

I am a farmer and I live, work and play at Seaspray on the Ninety Mile Beach.

I watch holiday makers and tourists flock to this beautiful part of Gippsland, enjoying all the reasons I live here fresh air and clean water, the sandy beach and beautiful ocean, the freedom from development and industry.

Unconventional mining isn’t just a farming problem it affects everyone who enjoys Gippsland or enjoys living in Victoria.

However it is us the farmers who hold the key.

We have the option of locking our gates and fighting to stop these mining companies from getting their industry started.

Once they get a foot in the door here, all that we love will slowly but surely disappear before our eyes.

The right of individual farmers to say no to mining on their farms would be a step in the right direction, but what about my neighbour?

Can I say no for him too?

Wells at Seaspray show just what your neighbour can do to you and your community.