Lack of driver courtesy is appalling


I HAVE been a professional driver for more than 40 years, and during this time I have witnessed driver habits and actions which have disgusted and shocked me.

One of my major grievances is the escalating selfishness displayed by so many, and this brings me to the reason I’ve been driven to commit to print.

I feel more so this year over other years, drivers are selfishly flouting the Victorian road rules and driving with fog lights on (during the day and night) and failing to extinguish these lights when faced with oncoming traffic, when clearly the driving conditions don’t support the use of such driving aids.

This becomes a more hazardous practice during these many rainy nights we are presently experiencing.

Victorian Road Rule 217 states that “drivers must not use front or rear fog lights unless driving in fog or other hazardous weather conditions that cause reduced visibility” ….. “Drivers should familiarise themselves with the dashboard warning symbols so that they do not inadvertently switch these lights on” (VicRoads website).

Every year Victoria Police launches campaigns to assist in stamping out these type of practices, and I feel it is time for a campaign of this ilk to be conducted on Gippsland roads.

This will eliminate the frustration of being faced numerous times with an extra set of blinding lights at night, while reducing the hazard of not being able to clearly see the road ahead because of this selfishness.

There is a meagre on the spot fine of $116, which really isn’t a deterrent.

As a community we can only move forward with the cooperation of the majority, so if we could be more mindful and observant of our own driving behaviours which could distress others, then we could all benefit.

Another issue is the pedestrian crossing in Maffra’s Johnson St.

This crossing has been shrouded in controversy for some time now.

There have been other incidents on this crossing, and the reason I raise it is my wife and I were almost witness to another disaster, when a young mother walked to the edge of the crossing with her baby in a pram in front of her and three cars went through consecutively, leaving her and us shocked and disgusted.

It’s time we had some pedestrian lights installed to save the heartache bestowed on a family with an avoidable road death.