Road barriers ‘cause safety issues’


I AM completely disgusted with all the Armco guard rail and wire ropes being installed along our district roads — supposedly in the name of safety.

The ABC news has stated this has been a $340 million project.

Right across regional Victoria we have roads and bridges in a state of disrepair.

This money would have gone a long way to fixing a lot of problems and improving safety.

But no, it is being wasted on a grand scheme that is of little benefit to our community.

What is going on is a huge misallocation of public funds, and an obscene waste of money.

As taxpayers we are being treated badly by the people who are supposed to make decisions that are in the best interests of the community.

In my neighbourhood, we now have several driveways and intersections where safety has been significantly reduced.

This includes the entrance to the Bundalaguah Hall.

When leaving the hall motorists no longer have a clear view of the traffic coming from Sale and need to get their cars right out onto the sealed road to see if it is safe to turn on to the Sale-Maffra Rd.

The intersection of Holts Lane and the Sale Maffra Rd (which was always a bit tricky) now has reduced vision for vehicles turning onto the Sale-Maffra Rd.

The junction of Cobains Rd and the Sale-Maffra Rd has the same problem.

Then there is the Yuill Rd-Princes Highway intersection.

This in my view, it has become quite dangerous for cars turning right off the highway, or turning right onto the highway to go to Sale.

Something that would have improved safety here would have been a centre turning lane.

I suppose that would have been far too expensive.

In addition to this, there are several private driveways with significantly reduced vision of oncoming traffic.

A guard rail is not going to help you if you cannot see the oncoming traffic and your judgement is impaired by that.

I lodged a complaint on behalf of the Bundalaguah Hall with the shire on December 22.

That was passed onto VicRoads on January 9. I received an automatic reply to the email from VicRoads that day.

The email did not have anyone’s name on it, no phone number, and it is a no-reply email.

That sends a clear message.

VicRoads does not want to talk to the people whose lives they are endangering with its stupid project, which is nothing more than an obscene waste of public money.