Assertions aren’t evidence

John Gwyther, Coongulla


HENRY Scholtes’ headlined ‘Gender based pay gap is a ‘myth’ joins a long list of people who assert something is true, untroubled by the need for evidence to support his assertion.

He may wish to test his claims that “Discrimination against a large section of our workforce simply doesn’t exist” and “The result will soundly show that there is no pay gap based solely on gender” against the Gender Equity Insights 2018 report.

This analyses actual salaries for four million employees from more than 11,000 Australian employers.

It does the sort of analysis he proposes, and still does show significant gender wage gaps on a “like for like” basis across full and part-time workers in many industries.

Inspiringly, many of those employers are working out what their pay gaps are and taking steps to eliminate them.

So, it is definitely a lot more than just a “hollow cudgel waved by a minority of hollow feminists”, but government and corporate policy producing a fairer outcome for all.

PS: thanks for the Latin quote; you learn something new every day.