Black Saturday correction

Colin Coomber, Sale


I WRITE in response to an article on the 10th anniversary of the Black Saturday fires, headed “The day no-one will forget”.

The article incorrectly states that the fires destroyed at least one farm building, and elsewhere, that “no homes were lost in the shire.”

In fact eight homes were lost in Devon North and several others lost outbuildings or were severely damaged.

My parents lost their home of 60 years as was recorded in your newspaper at the time.

Did your journalist not even check the back files from 10 years ago to see the devastation that the fire caused that day?

People who were confronted by the wildfire, including the firefighters who risked their lives in the vain attempt to save homes, will never forget that day.

Many still suffer from various levels of post traumatic stress and it is unfortunate that the media hype over the 10th anniversary has retraumatised some by forcing them to relive the horrors.

Inaccurate reporting makes the situation even worse.