Chance to improve east bank

Christos Iliopoulos, Maffra


DUE to the support of visionary and generous local benefactors over the years, and the dedication of past and current councillors, the Port of Sale is punching above its weight in terms of artistic facilities.

It has evolved as a high quality cultural hub for Gippsland.

The opportunity now presents itself for council to add to this beautiful space through the anticipated development of the east bank.

I believe that a full scale amphitheatre which faces the Port will complement The Wedge, and it will continually inspire artists to produce and to perform unique cultural expressions (theatrical and other works).

The Port itself makes an excellent scenic theatre prop: part of the performance may take place on the water.

The amphitheatre may also be used as a venue for musical and festive performances.

Managed well, it will perpetually attract the best performance artists from around the nation and the world, for the people of Gippsland to enjoy.

It will also inspire the emergence of our own artists.

Because the area around the Port is largely abandoned in the evenings, personal security may be a concern for some.

The Wedge could have provided some passive security but unfortunately it looks away from the Port and towards the road.

Security can be enhanced by allowing for some medium high-rise apartment developments at the eastern edge of the east Bank. These would overlook the amphitheatre and the Port area.

A restaurant strip may be incorporated cleverly into the western side of the east

Bank which would secure more foot traffic and further enhance the security and the amenity of the area.

Visitors would be able to enjoy a meal overlooking the Port, then perhaps a healthy digestive stroll around the area, followed by an enlightening and entertaining theatrical performance at The Wedge, or at the amphitheatre.

The third desirable element for the east Bank, I believe, is an educational facility: perhaps a TAFE campus, and/or a university faculty. The library is a good start.

At the heart of a healthy, thriving, and cohesive community will usually be found educated, well-informed, creative, and culturally productive people.

The east bank — which I envisage above — could provide the perpetual catalyst for the ongoing development of such citizens.

Let us make the most of this opportunity.