Hospitals in redress scheme

Brenda Coughlan, Sale


AS a spokesperson for Independent Regional Mothers, I want to highlight that the National Redress Scheme now includes all public hospitals listed (including Sale).

It is important they have in place the proper policies in the event that someone places a claim of past sexual abuse against medical centres or hospital.

The Royal Commission was not about the Catholic church survivors, it was about all survivors of institutional response into child sexual abuse.

While media emphasised it was about the Catholic church, that is the only reason more submissions were received from Catholic survivors.

If media had of reported that it was also about medical and hospital institutions, the numbers would have balanced as there are tens of thousands of non pregnant girls, young pregnant girls and young boys (boys from 1971) who were inflicted with brutal medical sexual crimes during the late 1950’s to mid-1970’s, the same period reported regarding the Catholic, Salvation Army, Anglican, Methodist and other churches, Scout groups, and many other institutions.

One child is one child too many and importance of crime should not based on whether the perpetrator wore a white collar or not.