Drought money should be used for feed

From Anita Baker, Sale:


AS a ratepayer, I am outraged when I hear Wellington Shire plans to spend the majority of a million dollar grant given by the federal government to assist in drought relief on a carpark at the Sale Livestock Exchange.

That money was given to assist farmers, and I fail to see how this project could in any way benefit them.

I ask all of you seat warmers to get out of your comfy offices and go for a drive to assess the reality and severity of the situation.

There are starving stock everywhere, some of which won’t survive the winter, and that money would go a long way to help farmers get them through, in the form of subsidised rates and feed.

At this rate there will be no cattle or sheep to pass through the yards.

As things are now the numbers are already dwindling.

A recent sale only lasted 40 minutes, so how can council justify wasting that money in the face of so much hardship?

Come on, we all need to pull together as a community to help those in need.

So please, voice your outrage if you feel as strongly about this as I do.