Timber industry troubles ‘of its own making’

Dawn Stubbs, Munro


I WOULD like to say something about an article headed ‘Our Premier missing in action’.

It’s not so much about the drought – I think we all agree that the farmers are really suffering at the moment.

Sadly, the Andrews government can’t make it rain.

The Gippsland Times‘ obvious obsession for AS H, also brought up in this article as well; it seems every opportunity they bring out the same obsessive rankings.

These one-sided views need to be challenged. My father was a high spar rigger in the timber industry in the 1940s.

He died a few years ago, and he was disgusted at the way the timber industry worked today compared with his time.

In his time, selective logging in Mountain Ash was dependant on manpower, and not the destructive, efficient, machine-driven, job guzzling industry it is today.

What always seems to be missing in the frequent biased articles about ash timber, is that in 2009 Australian Paper sold out to the Japanese owned Nippon paper, subsidised by the Australian taxpayer.

The real problem is the ever-devouring pulp industry that never seems to get a mention in our great newspaper.

The real reason for the troubles of the timber industry is of its own making.

Wasn’t it the Andrews government that bought into the Heyfield timber mill to try and keep it afloat,while the previous owners slipped under the radar away to Tasmania to gobble up more old growth forests?

Hats off to Australia – we should feel so privileged that we are finally leading the world on something.


Yes we hold the proud statistic of wiping out more native species than any other country on the planet.

But hey, according to the respectable frequent articles in the Gippsland Times, jobs in the timber industry are being taken away by a small possum in the Central Highlands.

Well this Monday in a David and Goliath battle, Vic Forest will be taken to court by Friends of the Leadbeaters Possum for gross and illegally logging in old growth forests beyond their allotted jurisdiction.

So it would be nice if sometimes the only newspaper we have could please give a more balanced opinion.

Editor’s note: The article referred to was clearly labelled as an opinion piece, and thus expresses the point of view of the journalist who wrote it. Its main thrust was to question why our premier has not visited our area during one of our worst droughts on record, and to challenge the state government’s lack of support for struggling farmers.