Students investigate creepy crawlies

ARALUEN and Rosedale primary school students were among those who participated in a biodiversity education program at the Heart Morass last week.

Three hundred primary school students took part in the program, centred around the Heart Morass Restoration Project, held over three days.

Students have surveyed anthropods spiders, insects, crustaceans and myriapods (millipedes and centipedes) at Heart Morass and Sale Common each year since 2008, finding hundreds of different species in that time.

This year, the bug samples collected by students will be used to create an online database of anthropods in the Museum of Victoria’s natural history web portal BowerBird.

The database will be called “Gippsland Lakes — Mountains to the Sea” and will include pictorial records of specimens collected by students at 10 different locations, from Licola to Lakes Entrance, over the next two years.

The database will record some of the invertebrate diversity and when complete, should contain records for hundreds of local species.

Students also created poems for the Poetry Pathway around Lake Guyatt as part of the program at Heart Morass.