Condemning the Orlando massacre


I CONDEMN the massive Orlando killing.

Respect is a matter of give and take. I strongly believe that to live happily, we have to respect everyone’s values, wishes, and sentiments, in order to make this world a peaceful place for ourselves as well as for everyone in the society.

I believe that I have to respect everyone’s beliefs even if I don’t agree with it, or I don’t want to adopt it, but killing anyone just because you don’t agree what they are doing is not only illegal but unethical, unpalatable and disgusting as well.

Whatever happened in Orlando on Sunday, was clearly monstrous, dreadful and unacceptable offense.

No one can ever justify it in any way, neither if they don’t like it, nor if their religion doesn’t allow such things.

Being an Ahmadi Muslim, I have learnt from my parents and my religion to respect every single person and things existing or ever existed in this universe.

This is not necessary and it’s natural that I am not going to find everything useful and I can’t agree with everyone’s thinking and beliefs but it’s my duty to take care of everyone, to take care that I don’t hurt anybody in any way.

Homosexuality is not approved by any religion but compulsion is not supported by any religion as well.

No religion allows anyone or any so called organization to enforce any law.

No religion allows anyone to enforce their personal means. No religion allows anyone to enforce their personal beliefs on anyone.

I solemnly condemn the act of massive killing. May the souls of victims rest in peace and I pray for every injured person to be healthy soon.